Considered Business – 4 Genuine Work-From-Home Jobs

There are so many offers – most being scams or not worth the time – to work from home, so actually finding genuine opportunities can be a bit difficult. Between the myriad of online surveys and other options, which seldom bring in even a modest, supplemental income, sorting through it all can be rather perplexing. We have compiled a list of what we believe are 4 of the best, genuine work-from-home opportunities.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are normally self-employed, offering administrative, technical and sometimes even social assistance to people from a remote, online location. While it would be an asset for VA’s to have experience in their respective fields, some companies will train people for the position. These positions are available quite often, so seizing the opportunities to apply for one wherever possible is recommended.

Medical Transcriptionist

It sounds rather technical, doesn’t it? It isn’t as complex as one might think, however. For those with a good grasp of the English language being a Medical Transcriptionist is a good possibility. MT’s transcribe medical records from audio recordings, or from older media recorded formats. Such as hard copy from typewritten documents and the like.

Medical transcription positions are not always available, but when they are it is a good idea to pursue them. They pay quite well and can be a long-term career with the right company or companies.

Language Translator

Language Translators are always needed. Let’s face it, Google Translate is only so accurate. These are fairly easy positions to find and nail down. Just be careful about whom you deal with and how much they are willing to pay.


Those with a decent educational background can become online teachers. Degree aren’t always required, as more often than not the teacher will be tutoring someone with little to no education. With this said, however, teachers may still have to go through some testing in order to get the particular position.


One of the easiest online jobs to track down and acquire, writers are sought out consistently. The position doesn’t always pay the greatest in the beginning, however, through pumping out some good work one can develop a good reputation and get better paying positions.

There are many more than just 4 online positions out there. These are some of the better paying, easiest to acquire opportunities though. Keep searching, hone your skills and it will happen for you.